• Arrive at (or no more than 10 minutes prior to) your scheduled appointment.
  • Plan to spend between one and two hours at our location. While you are allotted up to a full hour in the studio if needed, most sessions typically wrap in 20-30 minutes. As a convenience, sessions are usually followed within a few minutes by a presentation and portrait selection that typically takes around the same amount of time as your sitting (we can schedule a separate viewing upon request).
  • With a full photo lab on-site, your prints (even the big ones) are in your hands before your leave.



We don't charge a sitting fee, so there is no charge for the number of subjects in your session (please update your session information with any additions, or schedule a longer appointment if we can expect eight or more individuals, even if they are not participating).



Solid colors are recommended, but we encourage creativity


  • Thin, tight stripes tend to create distracting moiré patterns.
  • Bold patterns as they can become dated quickly.
  • Jewelry with large reflective surfaces which can result in unintentional photobombs.
  • Glitter because it gets everywhere.
  • Shoes that scuff or scratch the floor.

Coordinate colors and styles. Everyone in your group should dress to be photographed, even if they don't expect to.

As some poses may be full-length, please make sure everyone is wearing matching shoes and socks.

Arriving dressed and ready in your first outfit (with the exception of infants) and bringing outfit changes will help you get the most out of your session.



Our pricing is readily available online and in-studio but if you have any questions, feel free to ask. We are not a hard-sell studio. Our associates are here to help you get exactly what you need in the most economical way.

Ask your friends and family what size frames they have/would like and/or what sizes and subjects they need ahead of time. The smoothest sessions are those that work off a list of sittings and sizes needed.

Opt for frames with mats. Framing photographs directly against the glass will destroy them over time and a mat looks prettier anyways.

Or... think outside the frame. We offer a wide variety of alternative presentation options (canvas, metal prints, foam mounting, etc.) and photo products. Ask an associate for details.

We offer a digital copy of the entire edited session with a print/digital license. With this, you can post your images to social media, print them at the lab of your choice (we do offer lab service pricing for prints in-house as well), share them with friends and family to get their own prints, or most importantly, keep an archival copy.

If you see something cool on Pinterest, let us know! We're totally down for requests and recreations.



Bring your cap and gown if you have one (we keep most schools' caps, gowns, and tassels on-hand, just in case), casual outfit(s), and any uniforms or equipment for sports and/or activities (marching band, football, etc.). We can knock out all of your senior portraits in one sitting, even if you don't purchase them all at once.

If we are doing your cap and gown portraits, wear what you're required to wear under your cap and gown on graduation day, including dress shoes. This is usually a white summer dress, dress shoes, and jewelry for girls and a white dress shirt, tie, dress pants, and dress shoes for guys.

If you already have your class ring, wear it. Some shots will be tight enough to see it in detail.

If you have other children in the house, we highly recommend buying all of your frames at the same time so that when it comes their turn to graduate, they'll match.



We do progressive maternity shoots!
We can take a shot each month, from the time you find out to newborn, so you can track your progress.